Volume 16 Number 3 Pages 1-17

 Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

Volume 16, Number 3, Pages 1-17


The reality of the attitudes towards the exercise of physical sports recreational activity under the influence of psychosocial factors and cultural variables.

بن صيفية لحسن ، شريط محمد الحسن المأمون، ادريس خوجة محمد رضا

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This study deals with the reality of the exercise of recreational physical activities in the province of Ghardaia and the degree of influence of both cultural and psychosocial changes in these trends, has been used descriptive approach to suit the nature of the study. A questionnaire was also used as a tool for the study. It was distributed to a sample of 160 individuals selected intentionally. The data were statistically processed through the spss19 program. The habits and attitudes of individuals in the direction of sports recreation have changed, but there are still some cultural variables that stand in the way of this practice to take place in the wider community.

Keywords : Directions. Recreation. values. Social change





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