Volume 16 Number 3 Pages 66-80

Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

Volume 16, Number 3, Pages 66-80


The relationship of Islamic qualifications to managerial skills in determining the leadership style for human resources management Analytical descriptive study for managers of some Algerian sports facilities


صدارة جمال الدين

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      Although many studies have been undertaken in the area of leadership styles. However, there is a gap in terms of determining the conditions which must be present at the administrative leader. this study aims to identify the requested islamic leadership conditions and qualifications, also the managerial skills, which must be present at the administrative leader when he direct the human resources within the sports facilities. Likewise studying the relationship between the conditions and qualifications of islamic leadership on the one hand, and the managerial skills on the other hand, therefore we have developed and tested a new tool which was applied to a sample of six multidisciplinary sports facilities in the region of algiers, and in accordance with leadership qualifications and managerial skills, which have been identified, as well as the relationship which have been proven between them, we have included a set of recommendations for effective leadership, and suggestions for future researches

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