Volume 16 Number 3 Pages 81-92

Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

Volume 16, Number 3, Pages 81-92



The role of guided discovery in developing students' learning motivation in physical and sports education


قدور بن دهمة طارق ,  علالي طالب ,  قاسمي بشير


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This research aims at shedding light on the fact to recognize the role of the style (method) of the directed discovery in promoting the motivation to learning by the pupils in the cession of sport. we did adopt the escperimental methodology in our study as we did expose a teaching program containing some didactic units in which we applied such a method so as together information by means of a questionnaire to measure the motivation (willingness) of learning by soulir Med that contains a set of expressions divided on four dimensions that are distributed on 63 sixty three pupils from whom 31 represent a fixed number and 32 represent an escperimented number. After colleting the data (information) and analysing them using the (spss) and using the graphs that demonstrate the results we did notice that the method of the directed discovery does promote the contribution with the others in the willing to learn by pupils in the cession of sport

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