Volume 16 Number 3 Pages 153-171

Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

Volume 16, Number 3, Pages 153-171




Effect of Brain Gymnastics On The Social Development

of Preschool Children Aged

Between 04 to 05 Years

سعيد تساكي ,  نصيرة زيان ,

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The purpose of this study was to identify the effect of a brain gym on the social development of preschool children aged between 04-05 years. The sample included 30 children from a nursery school in the town of Tissemsilt, who were selected at random and also divided into two groups: control and experimental. The researchers followed the experimental approach by designing the pre-post test by implementing a program of(16)kinetic educational units. The study results showed that there are statistically significant differences between the control and the experimental group in the research variables understudy in favor of experimental group. Therefore, the researchers recommended the inclusion of programs of kinetic activities in the general curriculum of physical education and sport in kindergartens because of their great importance in the social development of children at this stage and from all sides


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