Volume 16 Number 3 Pages 270-285

Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

Volume 16, Number 3, Pages 270-285




Factor exploratory analysis of the elements of health fitness

in middle school students in western Algeria

بختاوي أبوبكر ,  الحاج محمد بن قاصد علي  ، طاهر طاهر3 ،عطا الله احمد

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The aim of this study is to extract the underlying factors of health-related fitness elements in middle school girls and to reach a special test battery suitable for the Algerian environment through inserting (11) tests for exploratory factor analysis. the researchers used the descriptive approach in the survey method, on a randomly selected sample of 204 girls from middle school (12-15 years),Three factors were found Researchers have interpreted and labeled them according to specific conditions. The researchers also recommended the need to rely on the proposed battery to assess the elements of health-related fitness in the light of the criteria derived, which units represent the highest saturation on factors


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