Volume 16 number 3 Pages 345-356

Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

Volume 16, Number 3, Pages 345-356




The impact of using e-learning in learning basic basketball skills

for the first intermediate level 11-12 year

بوشنتوف عبد الحفيظ  ، ك ا ررمة أحمد  ، لوح هشام

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The study aims to identify the impact of an open-ended electronic application on smart boards that includes serial educational frameworks for basketball activity for students in the 1st of the middle grades 11-12y, as well as to determine the level of skill advancement for students by using the technique of e-learning, the sample consisted of (30) pupils, the skill tests for tribal and post-post basketball, and the researcher produced the most important findings of e-learning methods that have a positive impact on the development of professional performance in basketball.The e-learning program has an effective impact on development of skills

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