Volume 16 Number 2 Pages 13-27

Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

Volume 16, Number 2, Pages 13-27



Analyzing of goals scoring pattern in the 21th world cup soccer tournament held in Russia.
Bouchehida Kheireddine ,  Tafiroult Billel ,  Ould Hammou Mustapha

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The aim of this study was to record and evaluate the characteristics of successful pattern of goals scored during the 2018 soccer world cup tournament held in Russia compared the 2014 world cup held in brazil. The examination of 169 goals scored in 64 games was conducted with the aid of video-analysis’ software Nacsport scout plus. The statistical analysis was conducted with the non-parametric chi-square test. Results showed that there are no statically significant differences between goals scoring frequency per 45 minutes (X2= 0.316 p<0.05) and per 15 minutes periods (X2= 0.237 p<0.05) between the world cup 2014 and the world cup 2018.There is no statically significant difference between the first goal impact in the match on the match outcome (X2= 0.930 p<0.05) and between the area from the goals were scored (x2=0.159, p>0.05). There is a statistically significant difference in scoring from open play (X2=0.03, p>0.05). there is a statically significant difference in scoring after an exceptional effort (X2=0.00, p>0.05), and after a direct free kick (X2=0.04, p>0.05). The present results allow coach to know the latest strategies in soccer and goals scoring pattern in the international tournaments and gain valuable information that help him to improve their team offence performance and also defense performance



Keywords : Football ; Match Analysis ; FIFA World Cup ; Golas scoring pattern


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