Volume 16 Number 2 Pages 95-107

Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

Volume 16, Number 2, Pages 95-107



Proposal for an intermittent exercise test to determine maximum aerobic speed (80/20MAS)
Benhammou Saddek ,  Mokkedes Moulay Idriss ,  Mourot Laurent ,  Bengoua Ali

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            The objective was to compare 2 tests for evaluating the AMV: test of the present study called 80 / 20VMA vs test on the track of the University of Montreal (UMTT) in terms of AMV, heart rate (HR), and lactatemia (LA). The results of 80 / 20VMA and UMTT performed 72 hours apart were compared in 17 athletes. The mean VMA values ​​calculated during the 80 / 20VMA and UMTT were significantly different (18.7 km.h-1 ± 1.2, 17.3 km.h-1 ± 1.3, respectively), despite a high coefficient correlation (r = 0.93; CV = 6.8%; p <0.05). No significant difference in HRmax and LA was observed between the two tests. The 80 / 20VMA that we offer makes it possible to obtain an FCmax and LA comparable to a conventional test such as UMTT. However, the results emphasize that 80 / 20VMA overestimates the VMA.




Keywords : Maximum aerobic speed; University of Montreal test; Evaluation ; Comparative analysis


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