Volume 16 Number 2 Pages 265-285

Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

Volume 16, Number 2, Pages 265-285


 The reality of the use of the training mask (hypoxic) during the stage of physical preparation in football

بن تومية رضوان ,  بن قوة علي ,  بارودي محمد امين

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The reality of the use of the training mask (hypoxic) during the stage of physical preparation in football Abstract: The study aimed to identify the reality of the use of the modern hypoxic mask in the fields of Algerian football at different levels and to know the extent to which the trainers and the physical examiners looked forward to the modern methods in the preparation process in the field of football. To achieve this, the study was conducted on a sample of 118 Physical and academic) are active at various levels and sections through various disciplines organized by the Algerian Football Federation for the sports season 2017/2018, as well as conferences and conferences organized across the country in various universities as well as through contacts abroad with the brothers In the field of football. The researchers used the descriptive method in the survey method because it is suitable for the study objectives by organizing a series of interviews and preparing a questionnaire that contains a set of basic topics related to physical preparation and its relationship with the use of the hypoxic mask. After the data collection was analyzed by the SPSS After the statistical analysis, it was found that the majority did not have sufficient knowledge of what the mask was and how to use it and to be satisfied with the traditional and purely physical methods of physical preparation. LIBAT hypoxic only without highlands knowing the existence of modern devices such as the rooms of heights simulated in addition to the subject of our research of using training hypoxic mask. Through the results, the researchers stressed the need to use modern methods and this is what researchers will do in the future through a pilot study maybe the first of its kind in the fields of Algerian football, and recommend the use of modern methods of training in football to reach the highest levels Sports achievement


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