Volume 16 Number 1 Pages 1-13


Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

Volume 16, Number 1, Pages 1-13




Technical indicator of performance for Algerian national team of soccer

Hadji Abderrahmen, Benmesbah Kamel,

 Benbousta Rahima

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the objective of this work is to identify the technical-tactical (TT) performance indicators observed that can distinguish a won match from a draw and / or lost match. The study is focused on eleven (11) matches of the Algerian national football team (senior). We used Dartfish software for the analysis. The elements observed are divided into two categories; 1) attack elements (number and barycenter of successful and unsuccessful passes, shots and% shots on target) and 2) defense elements (number and barycenter of ball recoveries). The results of the comparison indicate that the percentage of possession of the ball in matches won (64% ± 5%) is greater than that of draws (51% ± 6%) (p <0.01) and that of games lost. (41% ± 0.5) (p <0.001). For the number of successful passes, the average of games won is also higher (p <0.01) than that of games lost or drawn. The position of the barycenter of ball recoveries is higher during the won matches (p <0.01). The percentage of possession is the only element that predicts the final result of the matches (won> draws> lost) (structural coefficient CS 0.35> 0.30). No significant difference was observed for the other elements




Keywords : Systematic observation; Performance indicators ; Technical-tactical; footbal


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