Volume 16 Number 1 Pages 126-141

Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

Volume 16, Number 1, Pages 126-141




Training on playing positions offensively and its impact on the decision in basketball On the wheelchair

عابد فؤاد، حرشاوي يوسف، مقراني جمال ,  صبان محمد

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The Research aims to propose a training program includes training on basketball offensive play positions for wheelchairs. Given the nature of research and the method used was selected as intentional way samples with the experimental sample in hopes of team players Mostaganem, sample officer in Oran, Lions players and may Chosen from each sample 12 player. Exploratory experiment on 10 players from the team into témouchent, are excluded from the main experiment which applied the training program of the experimental sample play modes Either she Brigade exercise training program under the guidance of her coach, 36 training programme included a training unit at a rate of three units a week for twelve weeks. After statistical treatment of raw results researchers to: - Playing a more offensive posture training effect of regular training in classic basketball players on wheelchairs. - Match the direction of positive results in tests of samples of experimental research and increase the percentages reflecting the positive impact of proposed exercises and their effectiveness compared to the control sample in the development The variables in question



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