Volume 17, Number 2 (Bis) , Pages 372-387


Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

 Volume 17, Number 2 (Bis) , Pages 372-387




The rôle of sports marketing in promoting Algerian sports

 مناد فوضيل ,  صياد حاج ,  صالحي ليلى

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          Sport has recently become one of the most important means of entertainment to one of the most important investment sectors in the word ,and has attracted man of the giant companies to inject money ,because of its distinguished popular base ,thus becoming the surest way to access the brands of the largest possible segment of the social groups .financial obstacles are also one of the main impediments to the advancement of sports in all its types.therfore,the relationship between the economy and sport is one of giving and giving .but this link is almost completely missing in the algerian sports system . this paper is an    attempt to highlight the important sources of self –financing for clubs and teams ,especially in view of the economic situation




Keywords : Sports Marketing, Financial Obstacles, Sports Economicus, Algerian Sports


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