Volume 17, Number 2 (Bis) , Pages 388-400


Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

 Volume 17, Number 2 (Bis) , Pages 388-400




The reality of using the basic law and social media to market sports services in chlef clubs.

 سايب عزوهم يونس ,  حفصاوي بن يوسف ,  عكوش كمال

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           Sport has been run from an industrial system as it became the term sports industry a common term in modern sports marketing the aim of this study to reveal the extent of activation of the foundations and mechanisms of service marketing some cliff sports clubs affiliate the directorate of youth and Sports in Chlef. The study sample was chosen intentionally, and that was limited to (56) individuals from all members of the executive office for (08) amateur sports clubs, and he used the descriptive approach, and the questionnaire was applied on the basic study sample after being subjected to arbitration. The results are concluded That there is no interest by activating service marketing tools at the level of sports clubs, so clubsas a mini and emerging sports organization need a forward look to achieve self-financing without asylum to count on state benefits



Keywords : Sport institution funding Service Marketing

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