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 Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

 Volume 07, Number 1, Pages 45-50



Search for a solution in the updating of motor behaviors in EPS teaching situations in 3rd year middle cycle: Study of the transfer problem

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         All education is an attempt to modify some behaviors according to objectives and a finality Finality and objectives must be clarify, mechanisms of intervention and processes of training must be clarified. The adoption of an experience plan in the setting of established hypotheses, the choice of a procedure that permits the measure, the worry to control and to mobilize the variables deal to this survey an experimental character. it doesn't escape that the treated problem is the one of the transfer in physical education, key notion of the training processes that is all acquirement This research appears in the way of the physical education as field of knowledge and not like a field of beliefs what is one of the guarantors of an objective pedagogy        



Keywords : Transfer. Conducted motorcar-Situations of teaching - Physical Education


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