Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

 Volume 07, Number 1, Pages 38-44



Evolution of the aerobic and anaerobic sectors during puber development in swimmers 11-14 years old.

 Khiat Belkacem

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         The purpose of this longitudinal investigation is to study the evolution of maximum aerobic and anaerobic powers of swimmers during pubertal development. 12 swimmers aged 11 to 14 years followed the research protocol for two and a half years. Puberty age was estimated using Tanner's classification. Anthropometric measurements have been taken. The evaluation of the maximum oxygen consumption (VO2max) was made indirectly by the 20m shuttle test by Léger and Gadoury. For the evaluation of the anaerobic process we used the Vandewalle force-speed test. No significant evolution was noted for all the indices, both morphological and physiological. This suggests, on the one hand, an inadequacy of the training protocols used, particularly in terms of volume and intensity of the workload, and on the other hand, it supposes that the interval between pubertal stages 2 and 3 highlighted by the same similar study that was carried out on sedentary people


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