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 Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

 Volume 07, Number 1, Pages 51-58




Heterogeneity: obstacle or resource for learners and trainers


Hanane Mrabet ,  Hafsi Bedhioufi ,  Mohamed Ali Jbali

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   This work is part of the training process for teachers of physical education and sports (EPS) at the Higher Institute of Sports and Physical Education of Kef (ISSEP). The training of student teachers of EPS is based on the conception of two fields of knowledge, theoretical and practical, which must be articulated to overcome the separation between thought and action, "since thought, actions ... have need of others to signify ”(Bakhtin, 2000). However, this training; which attracts our attention poses a major problem "which tackles the difficult relationships between the knowledge of practitioners and the knowledge resulting from research. (Perrenoud, Ph. 2002). By emphasizing the legal and institutional supports which organize the training of teachers in physical education and sports, we will try to see if the project of “mastering learning factors” constitutes such the primary concern of teachers. ? Thus, current pedagogical training would respond to the reality experienced by physical education and sports teachers. The course "which cannot be done without the interface of different stakeholders? ”(Altet, 2009) is conceived“ as a vector for professionalization ”. It directly determines what will be the learning modalities. It is part of the training program for physical education students, but it varies from one institute to another depending on human and geographic resources and specificities. The initial objective is the training of "future teachers" of physical education. (Laursen, 2007). Keywords: Learning; Trainer in EPS



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