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 Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

 Volume 07, Number 1, Pages 27-37



Effects of Ramadan fasting on physical performance and VO2 max in middle-distance runners and soccer players

 Lotfi S. ,  Madani M. ,  Tazi A. ,  Zerdani L. ,  Boumahmaza M. ,  Talbi M. Talbi M

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          The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of Ramadan fasting on physical performances and maximal oxygen consumption (V02 max) in athletes trained. Two Moroccan professional teams: 10 middle-distance runners (16.8 ± 1,4 years) and 17 soccer players (15.8 ± 0.4 years) were assessing before (Av.R ) tree sessions during Ramadan (l0 th , 20th and 28 th daytime) and two sessions before Ramadan; and (after week) after Ramadan .Compared to control days (Av.R ), flexibility declined significantly (p <0.05) in runners (26.40 %) and soccer players (16.5%) during Ramadan. Body weight increase significantly (p 0.05) of 2.8% in soccer players but no significant change was observed in runners. Performance increased significantly (p<0.05) for speed in runners during (7.46 %) and after (8.11%) Ramadan. A reduction in the average V02 max (p <0.05) value was observed during the month in the runners, but progressively rise in soccer players. These results showed that the intermittent fasting imply differently effects on physical and physiological performances in athletes.


Keywords : Ramadan fasting; Vo2 max, physical performance, athletes

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