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 Journal of Sport Science Technology and Physical Activities

 Volume 07, Number 1, Pages 16-26



Study of the influence of Sporting Expertise on the Evocation of Declarative Knowledge

 Déclaratives (Cas du handball)
Abdeddaim Adda

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          The main objective of this study is to explore the influence of sports expertise on the evocation of declarative knowledge through the expert / novice paradigm. Indeed, various works in the field of cognitive psychology and sports psychology have shown that the performance of experts is superior to novices in recall, recognition and decision-making tasks (Chase & Simon, 1973a; Zoudji & Thon, 2003). The approach followed in this work consists in verifying the superiority of experts over novices during a recall task. The results of this study show not only that experts are superior to novices when it comes to recalling declarative knowledge specific to their area of ​​expertise, but also that they have a repository rich in quantitative and qualitative terms. which facilitates their recall.




Keywords : Sports Expertise; Declarative knowledge; Handball


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